Athlete Representation
Our number one goal is to ensure that all of our clients receive maximum value for their talent and athletic ability. As an Pro First Sports client, you will receive maximum effort energy, attention to detail and any and all other attributes that we posses and in helping to cultivate the success of our clients.
Legal Services
Paul J. Healy has a private practice of law in Jacksonville Florida. Providing legal services to all clients and athletes who sign and are affiliated with Pro First Sports Management. The Law Office of Paul J. Healy, covers multiple areas of law and is committed and dedicated to serving you. Website: http://
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Contract Negotiations -
PRO FIRST SPORTS has a strong emphasis and focus on negotiations. Senior Contract Advisors Paul Healy,  Darold Williams,  and Mike Hayes have more than 20 years of negotiating experience. Paul along with Darold and Mike have been engaged in numerous contract and business negotiations from representing professional athletes, recording artists, medical offices and church organizations, just to name a few. The team at Pro First Sports has a keen ability to plan for an athlete’s initial introduction to professional Sports National League Teams, and to assist with directing them to the appropriate professional and financial consultant(s) while playing and making sure life after football is carefully charted to provide for the future needs of the athlete.
NFL Draft Preparation -
The NFL Combine is an intense multi-day event held every year in February/March. There, college players perform and test various physical and mental skills in front of NFL Owners, Coaches, General Managers, and Scouts. The Combine allows teams to test players in an organized format within a standard and structured setting. Players attend by invitation only. These athletes are usually the best of the best. An athlete’s performance results at the Combine can weigh as significant factors (good or bad) on a player's stock the day of the NFL Draft. NFL teams scrutinize and place extreme emphasis on the evaluations of all NFL prospects. The NFL Draft can be a key factor of a team's success.
Pro First Sports  will work extremely closely with our clients/athletes to develop a specific and intense pre-draft training program designed and tailored to maximize the client’s performance and to develop opportunities for future success. The program is designed to help our clients to attain and perform at maximum levels, peaking during NFL tryouts, which may include the NFL Combine workout, any private workout sessions with NFL teams, and college pro days. Pro First Sports has relationships with numerous pre-draft training facilities and trainers to assist our clients. Our programs are designed to prepare our clients physically and mentally for the upcoming tests they will undergo. For more information, click here (NFL Combine)


Pro First Sports takes Pride in making sure we always give back or lend a helping hand in the Community.  Pro First Sports is dedicated and committed in making sure our youth, which is tomorrows future understands the importance and value of  Excellence in Education.

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Giving Back