Pro First Sports provides quality and creative contract negotiations for their clients that will maximize contract dollars. As you may know, contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed.  Therefore, on your second contract we will strive to get you as much bonus or guaranteed money as possible.  We will negotiate incentives in your contract that are individualized to your unique skills at your position. As your agents you can rest assured that we are there to fight for you and utilize our years of contract negotiation knowledge to successfully structure your deal. It is our goal to secure the most money from a franchise, while it is their goal to pay you the least amount of compensation to sign. What differentiates our team from other agencies is the time and research we put into each individual contract looking to past trends of a team, LTBE (in likely to be earned incentives) before going to battle on your behalf. It is a team atmosphere heading into contract negotiations, both our clients and those most important to them will be fully involved in the negotiation, providing you the peace of mind and knowledge you and your loved ones deserve. We will guide and educate you throughout the process of securing your contract to ensure you are satisfied. The difference between average and great agents is their individual desire to win and their ability to battle for their clients. We will fight to see that you are properly compensated throughout your career. We will ensure that regardless of the length of your career you will look back knowing Pro First Sports was the right choice for you.

Contract Negotiations